With its colourful riverboat markets, fascinating cultural heritages and breathtaking landscapes encapsulates this country. Miles of sun drenched tropical beach paradises, holy temples, tantalising cuisine and the exhilarating metropolis of Bangkok. The ´┐ŻLand of Smiles´┐Ż has something to offer everyone and with the renowned hospitality of its people, you will want to return time and time again.

PopulationPopulation: 66,720,153
SizeSize: 198,115 sq miles
CapitalCapital: Bangkok
LangageLanguage: Thai
CurrencyCurrency: Baht
Time ZoneTime Zone: GMT +7 hours
TemperatureTemperature: 18 °C (64 °F) -  40 °C (104 °F)
Drive SideDrive Side: Left
IndustriesMajor Industries: Automotive, Financial,Tourism
Dialling CodeDialing Code: +66

Education in Thailand is provided mainly by the Thai Government, through the Ministry of Education, from pre-school to senior high school, however there are now numerous fee paying International Schools providing a high level of education. From early 2001, the Ministry of Education began developing new national curricula in an endeavour to model the system of education on child, or student-centred learning methods.
By Government definition: "An international school is an educational institution providing an international curriculum or international curriculum which its subject's detail has been adjusted or a self-organised curriculum, which is not the Ministry of Education's. A foreign language is used as the medium of teaching and learning and students are enrolled without restriction or limitation on nationality or religion or Government regime, and are not against the morality or stability of Thailand."

The curriculum is required to be approved by the Ministry of Education and may be an international one, an international curriculum with modifications, or a curriculum established by the school itself. International schools must operate within a framework of requirements and conditions established by the Ministry of Education.

Within one year from their commencement, primary and secondary schools must apply accreditation from an international organisation recognised and accepted by the Office of the Private Education Commission and accreditation must be granted within six years. Currently 90 international schools operate in the Kingdom, of which 65 are located in the Bangkok area.

Teaching Jobs in Thailand

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